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From farm to wardrobe, all our fabrics are organically grown, pesticide free, handwoven and dyed using only natural elements such as cacti. Our farmers are a family run business in the heart of Mexico and have been organically growing cotton on a small scale for countless generations. 


Once the cotton has passed quality control it is then handwoven using a traditional ‘Mexican Loom’. It takes on average one full day to Loom just one meter of our organic cotton. Should the fabric require dying and/or pre-washing, an additional one to two days is added to the process. Such a small scale, slow process allows farmers and weavers to produce higher quality fabrics by maximising attention to detail. These traditional methods are a true skill which have been passed down for many generations. Not only does this maximise the fabrics sustainability but it also helps to protect an extremely important cultural and family trade. 


Once the farming and weaving process is complete, the fabric is passed onto our skilled dressmakers who carefully transform them into your wardrobe staples. It takes anywhere from 5-10 hours to carefully sew one of our garments.


For our first collection all our garments have been left in raw form and therefore finishing in a natural off-white coconut hue, making it easy for you to mix-and-match between our styles.



Hand wash only in cold, clean water.  Never wash in a machine, with heat, tumble dry or mix with colours.

To keep your garment kind to skin, we advise you use an eco friendly, natural detergent and wash only when necessary. 


As women we understand that our bodies are forever changing and we know nothing is more upsetting than no longer feeling a 10 in your once-loved, summer wardrobe. Therefore, all our styles are an oversized/relaxed fit, complete with adjustable fixtures for long time comfortability. - At the end of the day, your clothes should fit on you, not you into them! 


For sizing perfection, all our fabrics have been pre-washed and pre-shrunk without the use of any nasty chemicals! With the absence of chemicals, our fabric may appear thicker and more taut than other brands, over time they will soften and become accustomed to its new owner. Over the course of its life, cotton can naturally reduce up to 5%. If you are concerned about fittings we recommend going up a size or, if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message and one of our lovely team members will get back to you as soon as possible!

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