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    The effortless, easy to wear summer wardrobe essential. Complete with an elastic waist and 100% cotton these are the perfect shorts to wear during those summer days or even lounging around the house.

    Can be dressed down with a swimmer and our open oversized shirt or dressed up with our signature Bralette or Cross back crop.





    With elastic waist and oversized fitting these shorts are one size fits all. Made with 100% cotton in our signature off-white oat colour.





    Hand wash only in cold, clean water. Never wash with heat, spin, tumble dry or mix with colours.



    SOR JUANA INES DE LA CRUZ - The Tenth Muse, was the first and foremost feminist of Latin America


    Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, nicknamed “The Tenth Muse”, is one of the first and foremost feminists of Latin America. She stands as a national icon in Mexico, with her face on the 200 pesos bill, for fighting for a life that was not expected of a woman of the 17th century and for the attention she drew to education for women.

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