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A Master or Teacher. “One who has gone before”.
We aspire to teach a new and personal approach to slow, ethical fashion.



SENSEI THE LABEL is a slow, ethical fashion brand created for strong, spiritual women by  strong, spiritual women. SENSEI adopts an ethical approach to its production by working closely with our Mexico based team and supporting the fair trade system.


Our mission is to establish a relationship between both consumer and garment worker, so you know exactly where your clothes were made, who by and how long the process took.

Following the slow fashion movement, SENSEI celebrates the art of dressmaking as opposed to fast fashion, high turn-over brands which currently flood this once delicate industry. To promote such sustainability our catalogue houses only timeless pieces made from high-quality, long-lasting fabrics which have been organically farmed and handwoven with love, by our skilled artisans.


Taking this notion seriously, we ask each of our beautiful customers to become active within our sustainability plan by carefully reading our garment care and sizing section. We aspire to be those wardrobe staples which will keep heads turning for many years to come. 


SENSEI THE LABEL was founded in 2021 by avid traveller Kata Potter. Kata has always possessed a true sense of adventure and started her around-the-world journey at the age of just 18. Kata’s on-going voyage has taken her to all depths of the globe witnessing a variety of cultures, languages, and histories.

The idea and passion for building SENSEI really took to light once Kata fell in love with Latin America. Mesmerised not only by the beauty of its native textiles trade, but by the unique narrative and representation of which it holds. Cherishing her experience so greatly, Kata aspires to give back to these sacred communities by working closely with artisans and farmers, building SENSEI on the basis of love, gratitude, and divine femininity. 

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