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According to Fast Fashion Waste Statistics; the fashion industry produces 100 billion garments each year, of which 92 million tonnes end up in landfills. Green Peace calculates that this is enough to fill The Empire State building one and a half times everyday. If this trend continues, the number of fast fashion waste is expected to climb to a shocking 134 million tonnes a year by 2030. These are devastating figures which encourage us at SENSEI to maintain an active sustainability programme. As a new company we have built SENSEI with an aspiration to support and closely follow the ever growing Slow Fashion Revolution.




All our fabrics are naturally high quality and skin-friendly allowing you, our beautiful customer, to look and feel good. Our fabrics are all organically farmed on a small scale, free from nasty pesticides and chemicals. Our intimate farm is located in the heart of Mexico and run by a family who have been using traditional techniques for many generations.


All online orders are shipped in 100% compostable mailer bags or recycled boxes. Our business cards and swing tags are made from lavender seeds which are plantable after use! 


  1. Soak in water for 24-48 hours

  2. Transfer to a pot with compost and water regularly 

  3. Keep in a warm place (very important!) with natural light

  4. Never let it dry out, but also be careful not to over water



In addition to our fair-trade system SENSEI will be working closely with charities to provide educational sponsorship and support for our local communities. You can follow our movements on instagram, @senseithelabel or if you would like to get involved feel free to drop us a message on


SENSEI THE LABEL house only timeless pieces which are complete with adjustable fixtures to change with you and your body throughout the years. Our co-ord range is designed to increase the number of wears giving you the option to pair together or style with your existing wardrobe. We aspire to reduce landfill as well as bringing variety and beauty to your summer wardrobe.



We believe that our sustainability journey only begins in our hands. What really matters is how the items are cared for and what happens after they arrive with their new owner. We kindly ask each of our consumers to read the ‘garment care and sizing’ section on our website to ensure maximum durability and a happy life for all. Ideally our beautiful customers would be purchasing with the intention of wearing each item at least 20 times. When maximum use has been fulfilled we kindly ask that you consider passing on to loved ones, donating to charity or up-cycling the fabric into something new.


On average 10,000 items of clothing end up in land-fill every five minutes. Therefore, it is extremely important to us that our products stay above the ground as apposed to under it!

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